Dissemination Activities for EuroREACH

Annual Meeting of the Health Systems Policy Monitor (HSPM) Network 20-21 November 2012, Rome

As Austrian correspondent Maria M. Hofmarcher attended the 2012 annual meeting of the Health Systems Policy Monitor (HSPM) network where she also presented progress of the FP 7 project EuroREACH.

The HSPM network was established in early 2012 through a merger of the Health Policy Monitor Network, since 2002 led by the Bertelsmann Foundation, and the recently established network of National Lead Institutions to the Observatory on Health Care Systems.The main goal of this network is to enhance the evidence base for health systems analysis. This will be facilited through a webplatform “Living HiT” where network members are encouraged to regularly disemminate health system information through up-dating relevant chapters of the book series “Health Care Systems in Transition”, which largely exists for all WHO-Europe Member States. In addition, the web platform will also be a portal for health reform news. Moreover and to promote more indepth discussion of poliy reforms, articles about health system developments and reforms may be submitted to a special section of the journal “Health Policy”.