Final EuroREACH Conference

Improved access to health care data through cross-country comparisons


Vienna 16 -17 May 2013

Aula der Wissenschaften

Wollzeile 27A, 1010 Wien

EuroREACH is a coordination action under the FP7-Health program which aims to improve access to and use of healthcare data for enhanced comparative performance assessment.

EuroREACH reviews and appraises:

  • European and international projects which contain comparable health care data.
  • National health information systems including best practice examples of comprehensive, patient-level data for health services research.
  • European and international health information systems which contain comparable health care data to enable health systems analysis and provides
  • A Performance Assessment Framework to facilitate comparative research.

EuroREACH results are featured in a digital HEALTH DATA NAVIGATOR which serves as a toolbox to researchers, policy makers and other stakeholders.  The added value of the HEALTH DATA NAVIGATOR is to

  • access data bases through relevant domains of performance
  • give  guidance on issues to enable meaningful cross-country comparisons including:
    • information sources of patient-level, disease-based data
    • gaps in existing data to encourage data collection in under-represented areas and
    • key health data challenges such as data protec­tion, data linkage and comparability.

The HEALTH DATA NAVIGATOR is designed to be dynamic to encourage cross-country exchange of best practices without providing a comprehensive inventory of databases. The ultimate aim is to improve the quality of com­parative health systems analysis and performance measurement.

During the Final Conference of EuroREACH, the HEALTH DATA NAVIGATOR will go live and its future potential will be discussed.