The Health Data Navigator

The Health Data Navigator is live:       

The findings from the EuroREACH project feed into a digital compendium of health data initiatives and information systems, the Health Data Navigator (HDN). It was developed as part of the EuroREACH project and serves as a toolbox to researchers, policy makers and other stakeholders. Ultimately it aims to improve the quality of comparative health systems analysis and performance measurement and to encourage cross-country exchange of good practice data use.

The HDN lists national and international data bases relevant for performance assessment with a particular focus on patient-level and disease-oriented data. An important added value of the HDN  is to inform visitors of the appropriateness and quality of data they may want to use. In particular, data sources reported in the HDN are described in greater detail where information exists in regard to accessibility, coverage, quality, linkage and strenghts and weaknesses.

The Health Data Navigator offers guidance on pertinent issues in international health research including:

The Health Data Navigator Toolkit for comparative performance analysis

The Health Data Navigator Toolkit was produced to facilitate the use of the HDN and to present its content  and added value for improved access to data. The toolkit features the central position of performance measurement in the HDN and points out key data challenges.
It presents key messages of EuroREACH and gives important recommendations for improved access to health care data. Further, it permits to interactively access information on the website.

You can find the following content in these chapters:

Objective and added value of the Health Data Navigator (HDN)

  • ...aids your understanding of performance measurement in health care   
  • ...helps you accessing data via performance domains   
  • systematic guidance about the appropriateness of databases for research   
  • ...reports micro-data sources suitable for disease based comparative research

Importance of high quality data for comparative policy analysis    

  • What is the state of development of cross-country performance assessments?   
  • EuroREACH Framework for performance assessment in healthcare    

Organizing data for cross country comparison    

  • Identify appropriate data sources   
  • When data linkage becomes an option   
  • Data protection is always an issue    

Functionality and structure of the Health Data Navigator    

  • The HDN features various entry points to accommodate research needs   
  • How can you use the HDN for your research and what can the HDN do for you?    

Future potential of the Health Data Navigator as a research tool    

  • A case example: the EuroREACH case study on Diabetes   
  • Challenges and remedies in data comparability   
  • Potential new data sources for international comparative performance assessment    

Recommendations and outlook for improved access to health care data  

  • Key recommendation for the use of the Health Data Navigator   
  • Future potential of the Health Data Navigator   
  • Where we need more information that could be also featured on the HDN  

You can find the toolkit for download here