Coordination with European and International Health Data Systems


This work package will network with, review and appraise existing data and information systems at European/international level for their contribution to comparative research in efficiency and quality of health care from a patient-oriented, disease-based perspective. including relevant system-level information. This will include drafting a framework for metadata to improve research access to internationally collected data and to enhance the analytical power of internationally collected data, in particular to understand potential links to data sources at national levels and contextual information of European health care systems (institutional/structural indicators) that are important for cross-country comparative analysis.

Results so far

This work package will include critically identifying, reviewing, and addressing gaps in classifications, data frameworks, and data sets in Europe for the purpose of health care research (e.g. as maintained by OECD, WHO, EUROSTAT). The second part of this work package will develop proposals for an improved meta-data methodology that will allow to better link international data to national sources and health care systems. This will be based on a review of what worked well and what did not with past projects and initiatives in this field (e.g. EUCOMP). Finally, good practice will be reviewed to establish links between internationally reported health care data and national sources and databases to provide researchers with access to contextual information and additional national details, including added national desegregation of international aggregates.


International Health Data Systems Report (.pdf)