Framework and scientific coordination


The purpose of this work package is to coordinate the overall scientific activities, to develop and monitor the methodological framework and the pilot-testing approaches used in this project, in particular the methods underlying the draft Handbook. It will also develop the overall methodology for selecting and synthesising topics for discussions with External Expert Panels and for networking and disseminating with project-external initiatives and projects. This is in order to ensure consistency of application and robustness of the resulting Handbook as well as the collection of good practices for research access to health information on a national and European/international level. This refers not only to the overarching methodology and structure of the Handbook, but also to specific methodological approaches used within individual work packages.

Results so Far

To fulfill the EuroREACH aim of providing a toolbox of guidance to health information systems, a methodological health system performance assessment framework is required. This can be used to map performance information back to the health system's objectives, functions and processes.
WP1 has systematically assessed a number of international frameworks
based on 5 criteria in order to identify a framework suitable for the
purposes of the EuroREACH project:
  1. What was the purpose of the framework upon creation? 
  2. How does the framework conceptualize the boundaries of the health system?
  3. How does the framework conceptualize the goals of the health systems?
  4. How does the framework conceptualize the architecture of a health system?
  5. Has the framework been used and had it been 'exposed' to external review?


The framework used is the OECD HCQI framework - which has been modified
by partners in the Berlin meeting and by selected invited external
experts in the Luxembourg meeting. The latest version of the framework
is available here.


Revised EuroREACH Framework Report (.pdf)